Changing Blogs

To all of my many fans, I have recently decided to join forces with Austin, who also has a blog about cinema, to create a better experience. His blog can be accessed by going to the following url:

I will be transferring all of my posts to the other blog and can be accessed by clicking on my avatar. Thank you for your support and I hope you like what we have been able to do with the other blog. 


Anosognosia: The Fall of Division

Recently, I learned a new term that describes a situation that I was familiar with and exposed to many times. This term was Anosognosia.

Anosognosia is viewed as a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability.

This basically ties back into Donald Rumfeld’s speech explaining that there are unknown unknowns. Things that we simply don’t know that we don’t know.

Unknown unknowns are particularly dangerous because of our oblivion. If we knew that we didn’t know something, we might have been more conscious or skeptical when faced with the problem. However, because we are unaware that we don’t know something, we may blindly walk into a trap. This is evident in the hit TV series, Nikita, staring Maggie Q and Shane West.

Nikita is a rogue agent who escaped Division, a top secret organization that takes troubled people on death row and turns them into assassins for the government. Because Nikita was sick of killing and the murder of her loved ones, she decided to leave division becoming the first to ever escape.

Now here’s where anosognosia comes in. Nikita wasn’t content with escaping Division. She wanted to free all of the others stuck inside the organization. Her plan was to take Division down. In order to do so, she set up her trainee, Alex, to be accepted into the program and become her mole inside of Division. Alex was able to update Nikita whenever there was a mission and Nikita was able to stay a couple of steps ahead allowing her to sabotage many of the missions.

Because Division was unaware of the mole, they didn’t know what to do. They simply thought Nikita was just that good for the longest time and failed to stop her at the source. This unknown unknown led to the ultimate demise of Percy (the leader) and division was overrun.

This is just one example of how anosognosia can be especially dangerous and harmful to its victims. It is tough to spot and hard to prevent. Counsel and advice from others is always helpful in conquering unknown unknowns and a little bit of skepticism may be helpful from time to time. However, don’t let yourself turn into a paranoid freak.Image

Ender’s Game Trailer

I remember reading this book in my sophomore year of high school and being in awe because of the imagination and creativity it must have taken in order to write this novel. This imagination and creativity is the same characteristics that innovative people have. I can’t wait to watch it on the weekend that it is released and share my experience with you all.

Quarterly Quotes

This week I will be introducing a new segment on my blog called quarterly quotes! I will be posting 1 quote per month (every 4 weeks) that is interesting, important, or memorable to me. These quotes will come directly from movies or shows that I’ve watched. Also, I will be implementing themes for each month. For example December may be Christmas themed while February may be about love. I will chose movies and quotes that pertain to these topics. My first quote will be:

“Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

This quote came from the movie She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. This quote was definitely memorable because the movie had been building up to the moment where Duke Orsino (Tatum) said this and was basically the resolution of the movie. This movie inspired me to be not afraid of going against the flow and pursuing what you are truly passionate about – in Viola’s case, soccer. It really touches on the creative movement and the innovation project that I’ve been working on with some of my peers.


Viola playing on Illyria’s soccer team despite being a girl.


The Effects of Power

I’ve been reading Othello and have been quite interested in Iago’s character. Iago, the villain of the play, really is the ultimate villain. His ideas and intentions are evil but I feel that most can relate to him. When getting into his character, I really characteristics that resembled those of Francis Underwood in the Netflix original Series, “House of Cards.” During one of Underwood’s conversations with the viewers, he stresses the superiority of power to money. He states that money is temporary and may fall apart after several years but

“power is the old stone building that stands for centuries.”

Iago felt the same because his whole anger toward Othello was based on missing out on a promotion to Lieutenant. Like Iago, Underwood also missed out on a much deserved promotion to Vice President. Lust for power causes the two characters to plot revenge and to relentlessly force their way to power.

These two characters represent a universal truth. Power can be dangerous. Stan Lee said “With Great Power comes Great responsibility.” This quote was applied to Spider-man’s new found powers but can apply in this situation as well. Power can corrupt people but the lust for power can be equally destructive. In history, countless men have been targeted simply because they have power. Power can be a blessing and a curse. The characterization of this idea through Iago represented a problem that has lasted through the centuries and will be ever present.


The Commencement

Recently, I’ve begun to drown myself in Television Shows and Movies. It’s been easy since I have plenty of options through Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. As to date I am juggling between 10+ different series and enumerable movies. My main problem is I have no one to talk about all of these shows. Sure there are my friends who watch some of the shows I watch but I feel they aren’t as enthusiastic about it as I. Many times I want to discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead but sure enough, no one had time to watch it on a Sunday night. Or maybe I’m watching season 1 of House which aired years ago and nobody seems to remember what exactly happened. Well, in order to solve this issue, I decided to create a blog and share my commentaries on new movies or television episodes. Also, I may dip back into classics too change the pace. I may rant on about an unsatisfying ending or analyze certain characters. Whatever it is, I know I can go on and on about a single subject without being afraid of boring others. There is bound to be someone who is as enthusiastic as I.