The Commencement

Recently, I’ve begun to drown myself in Television Shows and Movies. It’s been easy since I have plenty of options through Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. As to date I am juggling between 10+ different series and enumerable movies. My main problem is I have no one to talk about all of these shows. Sure there are my friends who watch some of the shows I watch but I feel they aren’t as enthusiastic about it as I. Many times I want to discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead but sure enough, no one had time to watch it on a Sunday night. Or maybe I’m watching season 1 of House which aired years ago and nobody seems to remember what exactly happened. Well, in order to solve this issue, I decided to create a blog and share my commentaries on new movies or television episodes. Also, I may dip back into classics too change the pace. I may rant on about an unsatisfying ending or analyze certain characters. Whatever it is, I know I can go on and on about a single subject without being afraid of boring others. There is bound to be someone who is as enthusiastic as I. 


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