The Effects of Power

I’ve been reading Othello and have been quite interested in Iago’s character. Iago, the villain of the play, really is the ultimate villain. His ideas and intentions are evil but I feel that most can relate to him. When getting into his character, I really characteristics that resembled those of Francis Underwood in the Netflix original Series, “House of Cards.” During one of Underwood’s conversations with the viewers, he stresses the superiority of power to money. He states that money is temporary and may fall apart after several years but

“power is the old stone building that stands for centuries.”

Iago felt the same because his whole anger toward Othello was based on missing out on a promotion to Lieutenant. Like Iago, Underwood also missed out on a much deserved promotion to Vice President. Lust for power causes the two characters to plot revenge and to relentlessly force their way to power.

These two characters represent a universal truth. Power can be dangerous. Stan Lee said “With Great Power comes Great responsibility.” This quote was applied to Spider-man’s new found powers but can apply in this situation as well. Power can corrupt people but the lust for power can be equally destructive. In history, countless men have been targeted simply because they have power. Power can be a blessing and a curse. The characterization of this idea through Iago represented a problem that has lasted through the centuries and will be ever present.